Confession of faith
I believe that...
  • the world, the universe and all in it has been created by God speaking, by the Word.
  • God has a plan with creation, with man.
  • Man, starting with Adam and Eve, chose to be against Gods will and obey Gods adversary: the devil, and in this way sold himself to the devil.
  • God, in spite of this, so loved the world (man) that He send His Word to earth.
  • The Word became man, conceived by Gods Spirit and born from the Virgin Mary. His name is Jesus.
  • Jesus was a complete man but, without sin
  • He, because of this, was the only one who could free us people, from slavery of sin, from the devil.
  • He did so by taking our guilt upon Him and cleanse us by His blood when he died on the cross of Golgotha.
  • He was resurrected after 3 days and now sits at the right hand side of Gods throne.
  • Everyone who confesses their guilt to God and believes Jesus died in their place can be a child of God and thus be available for Gods plan, not lost anymore. He, or she, can call God Father.
  • Gods plan has everything to do with His kingdom.
  • All who believe are co-heirs with Jesus and God the Father.
  • We as sons/daughters of God, as heirs, as sons/daughters of the King, get training to become kings.
  • This training can be heavy sometimes but God comforts us and guides us through His Spirit, which He gave us.
  • When Jesus returns, all, who believe in Him and know themselves to be cleansed by His blood, will be changed and get an immortal body. The deceased believers will be resurrected and, together with the living believers, meet Jesus in the air.
  • We will be with Jesus for ever and will reign with Him as kings and priests.
  • There will be a new heaven and a new earth.

© - Laurens Hoddenbagh