How Jesus conquered satan


Men was created to be in command.

Genesis 1:26

"Then God said, "Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.""

Under guidance of God men had to rule, but when the devil came, men didn't obey God anymore, but the devil. God had forbidden men to eat the fruits of one particular tree, but when the devil came with his story, men believed the devil more then he believed God. In that way men became obedient to the devil.

Romans 6:16

"Don't you know that when you offer yourselves to someone to obey him as slaves, you are slaves to the one whom you obey?"

Adam became a slave of satan, and by being that he lost his rights to rule. By the way Adam obeyed satan he gave his command over this earth over to satan.
Because Adam became a slave of satan, his whole offspring came under satans ruler ship. A slave has no legal position and can't sue, so none of Adams sons (offspring) were legally able to wage war against satan to become free from his power. To become free of satans power a man has to be found on whom satan has no right. A man who was no slave of satan by birth. But there was not such a man, because all men are offspring of Adam and therefore slaves of satan.

God solved this problem by becoming human Himself. Because Jesus was not begotten by the seed of a man, but by the Holy Spirit, He was no offspring of Adam and therefore no slave of satan. Therefore satan had no legal power over Jesus.
At the other hand Jesus was really human, born from a woman. He was the first human who was not by birth a slave of satan. That's why the virginal birth was necessary.

"The angel answered, "The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you. So the holy one to be born will be called the Son of God."
Jesus is not the son of Adam, but the son of God. Jesus didn't inherit automatically the sins of Adam. That's why He was able to life a live without sin.

Jesus was, by His birth out of Maria, a real man. But because He was begotten by the Holy Spirit satan had no legal right on ownership. Of course this was for satan unbearable, that's why he tried to seduce Jesus to sin, to make Jesus a slave of him. This was the heart of the spiritual battle between satan and Jesus in the desert.
Jesus was indeed "God from God", but He was also truly man. And as man He resisted the temptations of satan. Jesus was as a much man as Adam. But Jesus did resist the temptations by proofing satans words to the Word of God. The same Word that also was available for Adam. Adam knew the Word personally, face to face.

Jesus conquered in the desert, but that was not all to be conquered.

Gethsemane, the essence of Jesus' soul battle

At the time Jesus became 'overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death' in Gethsemane, He didn't mostly thought about the physical suffering that He had to go through. It was more a spiritual fear. Jesus was pure His whole life. He didn't commit sin. And now, He who didn't know sin, would be made to be sin.

2 Corinthians 5:21

"God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God."

Jesus was made to be sin. He suffered like He really did the sins of all mankind.
There was, in Gethsemane, another temptation. Not by satan, but this temptation came from His being 'man'. The temptation of "the cup being taken away". Happily Jesus made His will minor to the will of the Father.

Matthew 26:39

"Going a little farther, he fell with his face to the ground and prayed, "My Father, if it is possible, may this cup be taken from me. Yet not as I will, but as you will.""

"...not as I will, but as you will."

From these words the destiny of the whole world depended. Jesus accepted "the cup". What happened after Gethsemane was almost an anti climax; the court and the flogging, the crown of thorns, the torment of the 'via Dolorosa', which leaded to Golgotha, the really crucifixion, this all was like the calm after a storm.

Jesus conquered

Never did satan succeed Jesus to disobey His Father. In his blind hatred satan drove Jesus into death. But when Jesus died at that cross without being disobedient to His Father ever, it was not the victory from satan over Jesus, but Jesus conquered satan. When satan killed Jesus he became, for the first time in ages of history, a murderer in the legal sense. He, who had "the power over death", killed since Adam millions without punishment. He had legally the right to do so. As a slave owner satan had legal rights over Adam and his offspring. He could do with them what he wished. But in his hatred against Jesus, who didn't fall for satan's seductions, he went too far. He killed the only man on whom he didn't had legal rights.
That's why he became a killer in the legal meaning, and according Godly administration of justice he passed his own sentence. Jesus conquered satan by letting to kill Him.

Hebrews 2:14-15

"Since the children have flesh and blood, he too shared in their humanity so that by his death he might destroy him who holds the power of death--that is, the devil-- and free those who all their lives were held in slavery by their fear of death."

This means, all satans legal claims to this world are declared invalid. All power in heaven and on earth is now the hands of the new MAN, Everything has been wined back through the victory of the Crucified One.

Sin and sinner

There is not such a thing as abstract sin, whether sin loose from the sinner. Not only the sin of the sinner was laid on Jesus, but the person who sinned himself as well. That's why He carried, when He was hanged at the cross, the whole human race.

2 Corinthians 5:14

"For Christ's love compels us, because we are convinced that one died for all, and therefore all died."

The whole mankind was identified with Him in death. But only those who believe, will be identified with Him in His resurrection.

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